Where to find the best Espresso in London

London is a city that offers every kind of food and drinks. It’s a city where the most bizarre and yet typical food cultures have learned, now more than ever, to melt and coexist. In the last ten years, it has experienced an astonishing increase in the quality of its restaurants (I guess that for pubs we have to wait a little bit longer!). Yet, finding a proper Espresso can be sadly tricky.

Espresso isn’t just a black drink to give you that hit in the morning, but also a culture, a way of life. The Italian way of life. Now, far be it from me to be the classical Italian looking for the perfect coffee as if I were in Naples, but still, when I first moved to London a few months ago, I couldn’t believe how painful it had been to find a good Espresso.

So, it happened. It became a mission. It’s ongoing and it’s going to be tough.

Let’s start with the first three.


ph. Annie Spratt via Unsplash

Meh. This small (very small) cafeteria is very nice and with a cozy atmosphere even if it has only bars and stools. It’s hidden behind St Paul’s Cathedral. Behind this small cafè, there is a good independent organization that chooses the farmers to partner with and builds relationships with. I have tried Costa Rica one on a sunny morning in November. The colour was good, the perfume was right, but the flavour was too fruity. I guess I picked the wrong one, so for the good of the research I have to go back and taste others roasted coffee.

Workshop Coffee
Nope. I was there with a friend and the both of us didn’t finish our Espresso. I guess this says enough. The furniture has a Decò allure mixed with Hipster blackboard style: very tiny round tables, sofas along the wall and a not so clean sweets shop window is all you have. But it could be all you need if the coffee was good. Unfortunately, it was too salty and too much roasted.

Oh yes. For the coffee, the place, the bars, the atmosphere. I’ve been twice in the one in King’s Cross, close to Saint Martin’s and I have to say that it’s already one of my fave place in London. It’s divided into two main area: one for the restaurant with big tables, maybe a little bit too noisy, big window and a great light. The other one is just for coffee, you can smell the coffee beans all around you and it’s perfect.

…to be continued.



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